The Speedy Boss is a large boss zombie with a high hit-point count and fast speed. It first appears at Wave 30 and after that, the Speedy Boss will spawn in large numbers, being one of the main reasons why players have trouble ever reaching past wave 40, principally when the player is trying to solo the map. It's as fast as Speedy but slower than Lightning. It usually spawns along with hordes of Necromancer's, Boss 2s, or even Tanks or Tank2s.


Speedy Boss has a blue body, they no longer have a top hat, and now have a blue lightning bolt on their torso. They also have 2 blue wrist bands as well as spikes on their shoulders.


Groups of Minigunners can easily defeat the Speedy Boss at level 5 but other multiple late-game towers are also effective against it. Other than Minigunner, Speedy Boss can be defeated with multiple level 4 or 5 Outlaws supported by Pyromancer, Freezer's iceberg ability and/or Commanders. Also, enough max level Johns can kill a horde of Boss 3 at the same time with its ability. While not completely full-proof, an abundant amount of max-level Paintballers can also defeat Speedy Boss.

It should also be noted that the player should not rely on single shot, slow fire rate towers once the game reaches Wave 31 and onward. While most of them perform wonderfully against the slow moving zombies, they have no chance against the Speedy Boss' speed. Because of this, it is recommended to use units that can quickly drain its health, like max level John and/or max level Minigunner.

Higher range towers are optimal, considering the Speedy Boss' speed. It is recommended to have a good amount of high-level towers to beat this boss.

Update History

  • (7/10/19) Speedy Boss got nerfed.
  • (7/15/19) Boss 3 has been renamed to Speedy Boss. They also get a blue body, along with a blue lightning bolt on their torso.
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