Appearing in Wave 5, and in Wave 2 of the SFOTH 2019 event, the Speedy is the second zombie you face in the game. It moves quite fast, however it has only 3 health. It can be spawned by a Mystery. It has a cyan blue head and arms, and a dark blue torso and legs.

The Speedy is the same size as the Normal, with a light blue head and arms with dark blue torso and legs.


Since it has the lowest health in the game, any splash damage or rapid firing tower can easily defeat it. They are powerful in hordes and can easily chip away your health slowly if your defenses are unprepared leading into defeat. Towers such as the Sniper and the Soldier can defeat them with a single attack, and towers that utilize splash damage should be able to destroy multiple due to their abysmally low health.

Update history

  • (7/15/19) Speedy's body now has a deeper shade of blue.
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