It crosses once, and the spawn area for zombies is an actual default spawn. The map intersects in the center, and the defending area you have to defend is a statue.

In a corner of the map, there is an easter egg of the 2 developers of Tower Defense Simulator setting fire to Planet3arth, the creator of Tower Battles.


  • Take note that cliff units are not that useful in this map, since there are little loops or exploitable corners. If absolutely necessary, it is advised to place them on the green pillars found on the middle platform.
  • The middle ground acts as an intersection in this map where the zombies have to cross twice to get to the endpoint, try focusing your troops there. A well placed Commander can cover the entire ground if fully upgraded.
  • There are many places you could put Holiday Archers.


  • The badge for triumphing this map refers this map as "Blast Arena"
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