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The Minigunner, commonly referred to as “Mini”, is a tower that can be bought in the store for $2,500. When placed, it has a red torso, gray legs, and yellow head and arms. It wields a Vulcan M14-A2 Gatling Gun as its weapon.

It is arguably one of the best towers in the game due to its cost efficiency and high damage. It costs $16,775 to completely upgrade the Minigunner (after the starting cost of $2,000). The Minigunner has a Damage Per Second of ~61.5 at the max level.


  • The Minigunner is an essential tower for attack or defense, especially mid-late games.
  • The Minigunner can take care of stronger zombies, but it can also quickly wipe out weaker zombies.
  • The Minigunner should be one of the units you spam most. Place them in a large group near the front of the track if possible.
  • As of 11/25/19, the Minigunner is no longer as effective against the Fallen King as it used to be due to the spike in shield usage, so it is recommended you pair this tower with another.


Lvl Upgrade Effects Cost Dmg Spd Rng DPS
$2,000 1 (Basic)

1 (Plat) 

1 (Gold)

0.15 16 6.67(Basic)



Improve Handling
+2 Range

Cosmetic: The Minigunner wears gloves.



1 (Basic)

1 (Plat)   

1 (Gold)

0.15 18 6.67(Basic)



Heat Vision Goggles
+1 Range

+1 Damage

+Hidden Detection

Cosmetic: The Minigunner wears heat-vision goggles.



2 (Basic)

2 (Plat)

3 (Gold)

0.15 19 13.33(Basic)


20 (Gold)

0.15 > 0.12 Firerate

Cosmetic: The Minigunner wears a bandolier.



2 (Basic)

2 (Plat)

3 (Gold)

0.12 19 16.67(Basic)



0.12 > 0.065 Firerate

+1 Range

Cosmetic: The Minigunner wields two miniguns and wears a helmet.



2 (Basic)

2 (Plat)

3 (Gold)

0.065 20 30.77(Basic)



High Tech Super Soldier
+1 Range

+2 Damage

Cosmetic: The Minigunner equips futuristic armor and two laser miniguns.



4 (Basic)

5 (Plat)

6 (Gold)

0.065 21 61.54(Basic)




  • The Minigunner is often called "Mini" in-game by some players, because the safechat filter tags his full name.
  • Minigunner is one of the towers to be added in the first official version of the game. The other towers are Sniper, Scout, Soldier, Paintballer, John, Commander, Pyromancer, Demoman and Farm.
  • The Minigunner's newer look is depicted in the first picture on the game's page, along side the Sentry.
    • The Minigunner was the sole unit the in game's thumbnail, strangling a Hidden Boss with its bare hands, holding it up in the air in the Nether prior to 8/2/2019.
  • The Goggles, Bandolier and Lvl 5. Helmet are ROBLOX items. With the exception of the bandolier, the items are obtainable, albeit at a 600,150 Robux price as of 10/5/19
    • The now derelict Jetpack that was once part of the Lvl. 5 Minigunner is also a ROBLOX item priced at 100 R$.
  • The Minigunner's Dual Wield upgrade can be seen on the Level 100 badge.
  • Minigunner has had two different versions of his Level 5 upgrade, the more recent version is depicted below.
    • The older version has been removed and is not there anymore.
    • The newer version got a nerf.
  • As of 3/4/20, there was a Minigunner statue in front of the “NORMAL" sign and elevators along with a level 4 Pyromancer statue.
  • This is one of 3 towers that gets a platinum skin, the other two being Pyromancer and Crook Boss
    • This tower's platinum variant used to offer 15% more damage. However, this tower never actually received a damage buff because of how INT variables work, taking away any decimal it finds from damage values (which was all the damage per shot values if increased by 15%). This was buffed to 25% more damage to fix this problem.
  • This is also one of the 5 towers that gets a golden skin, the other 4 being Pyromancer, Crook Boss, Cowboy and Scout.
  • The old level 5 Minigunner's hitbox are still on the ground even it was flying.
    • Which mean this tower can be stunned from ground slam attack from Grave Digger even if it isn't touching the ground

Known Bugs

  • As of 1/30/2020, there is a bug that only allows a 4th and 5th leveled Minigunner to have a Firerate of 0.1.
    • The reason for this bug is due to the ROBLOX Engine clocking at 60 script ticks per second, which already limits the Minigunner's firerate at 0.066. Furthermore, the wait() function is susceptible to tick delays caused by lag, which causes a lot of shots from any tower to fire 0.033 seconds later than they should, causing Minigunner to have a final firerate of 0.1.
    • Due to this bug, 5th leveled Golden Minigunner only deals 60 DPS, while Platinum Minigunner only deals 50 DPS, and regular Minigunner only deals 40 DPS.
    • This bug makes this tower worse than John, who can reach 60 DPS (54 due to the same Firerate Issue) with his active buff while also buffing surrounding towers.

Update History

  • (??/??/??) Added to the game
  • (10/13/19) Buffed Minigunner range [12 > 16 Starting Range]
  • (13/01/20) Buffed Golden Minigunner [25% > 35% > 50% Damage]
  • (1/??/20) Buffed Platinum Minigunner [15% > 25% Damage]
  • (3/4/20): Fixed effects [Bullet Flash]
  • (3/18/20): Fixed Visual Shooting Bug.


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