Crystalite is a zombie that only appears in the SFOTH 2019 event, Crystalites will start spawning at wave 8. This character is similar to the Carrier 1, but it doesn't spawn Swarm 1s and only explodes in a small radius.


Crystalite is based off the Carrier 1, the main different between these two is that this zombie has a pale bluish skin with white crystals on its body. The Crystalite also has white horns on its head.


Strong units can easily counter these but considering the fact that these spawns early, you might be not able to upgrade towers enough to counter hordes of them, so it is recommended to use Minigunner at early game and of course a Commander to maximize the firerate.


  • The Crystalite is a reskinned version of Carrier 1.
  • The Crystalite is part of one of the zombies that only spawns at the gladiator event.
  • The Crystalite actually came out before it's counter-part, Carrier 1.

Update History

8/13/19 Removed from game

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