Below is a list of codes; all codes are case-sensitive and should be inputted exactly as displayed.


  1. If the codes don't work then don't complain to us about it. Sometimes we don't know when codes are working so don't complain.
  2. Please do not edit this page if you do not know how to, or if the code is expired or not.
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Code Rewards Status
R3TR0 50 XP Expired
02MOMENT 100 XP Expired
TRICKORTREAT Halloween Skin for Hunter Expired
B1RDHUNT3R Hunter Valid
THANKYOU 100 XP Expired
SUMMER 100 Coins Expired
120K 250 Coins & XP Expired
3S8KZMC ??? Coins & ??? XP Expired
KITT3N[1] 100 Coins & XP Expired
GOR1LLA 350 Coins & 25 XP Expired
RAZ0RF1SH[2] 100 Coins & XP Expired
10KPLAYERS Coins Expired
SF0TH[3] Coins & XP Expired
LONGWAIT[4] Coins, XP & Russian Emote Expired
MOARXP 100 XP Expired
ELECTRO 100 Coins Expired
5KMILESTONE Twitter skin for Minigunner Valid
SW33TXP 50 XP Expired
T3MPLAR 100 XP Expired
SPR1NGM1L3ST0NE Spring skin for Shredder Valid

Note that this list of codes is accurate as of 6/4/20. American time is 4/6/20 as month and date are reversed

  1. KonekoKitten's YouTube code
  2. RazorFishGaming's YouTube code
  3. Sword Fight On The Heights Event
  4. Russian Emote has been moved to the emote shop for 650 coins.
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