Chess Board is a map that resembles a chess board, with chess pieces on it. The track is decently long and there are a few corners.

As of the Mega Update, the map has been completely downsized and is the now the shortest map in the game. It is the only map to feature diagonal roads in a zig-zag pattern.

This map can be found in PvP mode.


The size of the map makes it hard to exploit any corners. There is a little loop in the shape of a 'U' in the middle of the track, which can prove important in an attempt at triumphing this map.

Do take note that there a few cliff spots that are in the middle of the track, except a black piece. So, attempting at exploiting these spots can prove difficult early on, due to the units somewhat short range. Therefore, it is recommended not to bring any cliff units unless you don't have any alternatives.

Update History

(6/18/19) Added

(??/??/19) Changed from Normal to Insane

(8/2/19) Changed from Insane to Hard

(8/5/19) Difficulty removed

(10/13/19) Redesigned and now can be played in PvP mode.

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