• Shooters!904

    I'm just gonna be talking about why we wouldn't follow these TDS physics and logics.

    But I'm just making it a joke.

    • Apparently throwing a knife is better than using an arrow.
    • Minigunners have bottomless mags.
    • Because john is a cook, he should have a kitchen knife, not a kitchen gun.
    • Templar shot lasers at my towers, the end. Oh wait, he's still alive.
    • The towers armor must be enchanted with blast protection 3 as it can survive explosions!
    • My towers are just like Thanos, they make zombies go off the screen!
    • Why isn't enforcer chasing the crook boss? That's why he is an enforcer!
    • Why are the zombies following the road?

    That's all I could think of.

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  • Orange juice licker

    Well he throws knifes so yeah he's dio lol this is a joke blog post

    korega requiem da…



    WHA- WHA-










    ​​​​​​​WHA- WHA-​​​​​​​


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  • EmitOatmeal

    Blog post 1

    April 6, 2020 by EmitOatmeal


    Im gonna make blog posts like these now cause i think that'd be fun :)

    I'll also keep a log of my current level/Deck at the end!

    I got a bit more active on the discord and played with a dude from there too which was fun.He was pretty cool!Also got a pretty nice hard triumph.People on the discord were talking about a shredder skin,Or something.Wish i had shredder.:(

    Guess ending on a happy note i have three prenium crates ready for the next new skin wave!

    174 - John,DJ,Commander,Outlaw,Farm

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  • Ignacio pizarro8872

    Deberia ponerle un nuevo modo mas dificil el Extreme, que posea enemigos mas fuertes y rapidos, que maten a las torres, ser inmunes a casi todo y un jefe con mucha y mucha vida pero que sea muy lento. : D es bueno lo que puse?

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  • ThatNashi

    Disclaimer: This tier list is purely subjective. It has been created using my own assumptions about the TDS Meta. I will explain all of my choices below.

    As such, please do remember that some tower may be better or worse than where I placed them, with a few obvious exceptions that the bigger part of the community tend to agree with. This, of course, is another way of saying that this is a biased tier list.

    That being said, I hope you will not be angry about me poorly ranking some towers that some people do love, and highly ranking towers that may be mainstream.

    Some of you may note that I've ignored Platinum skin towers in this list while including Gold skin ones. The reason for this is that Platinum skins are just weaker versions of Golden o…

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  • Shooters!904

    To be honest, some gold skins are actually worth getting like the golden minigunner skin where less can be said about some..........

    Platinum however can be obtained by winning 5 maps on all difficulties, so, is it worth more to get platinum or gold??(ಠ_ಠ) 

    Gold skins are a lot to grind for, 50,000 is not easy to get......unless you want spend 5,000 robux.

    The gold skins, Minigunner, Crook Boss, Pyromancer, Cowboy and scout are all mostly not that good with the tower itself, sure gold scout is flashy at the start but it gets useless mid game. 

    In all honesty, the Minigunner is the best one. Also if you spend 50,000 coins to get a gold Scout or Pyromancer is gonna make you cry. If you get gold Minigunner.............congratulations your supreme…

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  • BrandadCheeser4

    NOTE:This blog post is unfinished for two reasons: One, the amount of source code this blog is going to have I can't do in one day. And two, my internet cuts out often so I don't all this work to get wiped.

    Support towers, one of the most important types of towers in Tower Defense Simulator. Although not usually great in damage themselves, they provide several buffs to other towers around them making them more effective then ever. Whether it would be firerate buff, damage buff, range buff, it could change the path of the whole game.

    This blog post will cover all of the support towers, what buffs they give and how much they affect other towers.

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  • BrandadCheeser4

    Some random blog post I made on my free time. This list all the types of players in Tower Defense Simulator I find annoying, explain them, then show some images.


    I'm not adding to this anymore and I may take it down in the future.

    Noobs, the type of players everyone hates because they tend to get in the way, mess things up, or just be plain annoying. But don't forget that all of us were noobs once some of us still are, so this section is more of a part to have a good laugh about.

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  • Venrfatilo

    Pls i dont have gold cork boss so i someone to tell what towers should i get into my team without golden crook. (Pls help this is my career)

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  • Yellowassassin

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  • MagicalDave

    Require some help

    December 20, 2019 by MagicalDave

    Hey yall, I'm new to tower defense sim. and was wondering what tower should I buy/grind first? Tell me in the comments.

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  • XControlFreakx

    This is free to use, enter your decks/loadouts in the comments below! I made this page to help new people and explor new decks. Thx! :D

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  • Awesomely85

    This blog about the AMAZING duds in dis wiki.

    Inspired by R2D wiki.

    Srry if the pics are too small idk how this works lol

    Work In progress

    (NOTE: This blog does not mean to attack/bully People. It's simply for the sake of humour and etc. PLEASE do not take this too seriously.)

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  • AtypicalBarrettUser

    About Sentry

    November 26, 2019 by AtypicalBarrettUser

    So hey guys welcome to this thread. And today I want to talk with you about: SENTRY

    So the first problem is the: Effectivity: The Effectivity of Sentry is horrible. Basically sentry is nothing else than a AUTOMATIC SOLDIER' And basically through it's price, It should be at least good.

    The other problem is: The price: Basically this is EXTREMELY OVERPRICED. Literally you have to pay 3000 CREDITS For something that can barely kill bosses. You can have MILLION TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE TOWERS Like for example, Minigunner, Outlaw, AND MANY MORE! And this has worth of 200 credits.

    So this is my balance: Since this thing fires very slow then it will deal 2 DAMAGE per shot due to it's high price. And decrease it's price to 2000.

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  • Crazed Basic Cat

    Is This a Tower Battles Copy? I have been wondering for a while.

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  • Stupidhalppp

    Zombie Type

    November 22, 2019 by Stupidhalppp

    The basic are some basic type of zombie and have nothing was the easiest zombie type to defeat

    Basic zombie









    Super Mystery







    Ultra Mystery






    Uber Mystery 




    Deep Freeze


    Strong Alien


    Hidden Zoomer


    Stone Viking


    Strong Mummy



    THe Heroes are zombie that more dangerous than basic zombie. they can came with some spacial ability too

    Heroes zombie



    Boomer 2

    24 Karat


    Dark Necromancer

    Swarm 1

    Shrike Crystal

    Raider 1

    Raider 2


    Boomer (Area 51)







    Swamp Thing


    The Boss are secend most dangerous type of zombie.…

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  • Stupidhalppp

    Type Of Decks

    November 16, 2019 by Stupidhalppp
    Decks, one of the main points of triumphing a game. A good loadout may help you win a game easily. Meanwhile a bad deck will result you losing. Here are the types of decks you will see in the game.

    Noob decks, as anyone would know a "starter deck". The players who has these kinds of decks are mostly Lvl 0 - Lvl 21. These decks mostly consist these two towersScout and Sniper.

    Some noob decks may contain cheaper towers like Paintballer, Soldier, Demoman and Enforcer. It may also contain code towers such as Hunter and John.

    Mediocre decks are slightly better than noob decks. Player that are Lvl 22 - Lvl 40 most likely will be seen with decks like these. The players will have at least one tower that are priced between 1000 to 2000 like John, Freezer, Pyromancer…

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  • Academyjr64

    Special Zombie Table

    November 4, 2019 by Academyjr64

    Image Zombie Wave Base HP Speed Immunities Abilities
    Normal 1 4 Average ~ ~
    Speedy 5 3 Fast ~ ~
    Slow 7 20 Slow ~ ~
    Hidden 13 15 Above Average ~ Hidden
    Mystery 16 15 Above Average ~ Spawns an enemy on death
    Necromancer 19 350 Slow ~ Summons Slows
    Strong 20 60 Average ~ ~
    Slow Boss 22 1,800 Very Slow ~ ~
    Hidden Boss 24 600 Above Average ~ Hidden
    Bolt 26 65 Very Fast ~ ~
    Speedy Boss 30 1,800 Fast ~ ~
    Super Mystery 32 60 Fast ~ Spawns an enemy on death
    Mystery Boss 36 3,000 Slow ~ ~
    Grave Digger 40 35,000 Very Slow ~
    • Attack
    • Summon

    Image Zombie Wave Base HP Speed Immunities Abilities
    Abnormal 1 5 Average ~ ~
    Quick 5 4 Fast ~ ~
    Heavy 7 35 Slow ~ ~
    Ninja 13 25 Above Average ~ Hidden
    Ultra Mystery 16 40 Above Average ~ Spawns an enemy on death
    Dark Necroman…

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  • FarmerBill

    Sky Islands and Tropical Islands are created.

    Badlands are created.

    Winter is created.

    Robloxians are created.

    A small group known as the Gladiators are created, and they make The Heights on some rocks.

    A disease known as RODIATION is created, infecting some Robloxians.

    A lake freezes over, making Iceville.

    The lake freezing causes a phenomenon known as the ICE AGE, freezing a part of the Badlands, creating Mount Amillion.

    RODIATION is mutated from the ICE AGE, creating Frost Hero, Frozen and Deep Freeze.

    The Nether is located by some Gladiator scouts, and they dig a hole to make a entrance to the Nether.

    While digging to the Nether, the Crystal Cave is discovered.

    A strange rift opens, causing Toyboard and Chess Board to suddenly appear out of thin a…

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  • QuaestComm

    The Enforcer tower in Tower Defense Simulator had its ability and starting range improved in the Mega Update. In light of these changes, the Enforcer page should be changed to look somewhat like the following:


    The Enforcer is a law enforcement tower that was added in the 7/14/19 update. It wields a Remington 870P that has a short-range but can deal a ton of damage. It has a DPS of about 57 at max level. The total cost to place and max this tower is $15,900.

    Due to its short range, it is usually not worth using this tower if the player has access to higher-cost towers. While its damage per shot and overall DPS is nice, it can't get many shots off before targets move out of range. In comparison, the Outla…

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  • Academyjr64

    Special Table

    August 28, 2019 by Academyjr64

    Lvl Upgrade Effects Cost Dmg Spd Rng DPS
    0 Scout
    $250 1 1.00 9 1
    1 Laser Sight +2 Range

    Cosmetic: Adds a laser sight to the Scout's pistol.



    1 1.00 11 1
    2 Sunglasses +2 Range

    +Hidden Detection

    Cosmetic: The Scout wears sunglasses.



    1 1.00 13 1
    3 Geared Up +1 Range

    +1 Damage

    1 > 0.65 Firerate

    Cosmetic: The Scout wears body armor.



    2 0.65 14 3.08
    4 Dual Wield +1 Damage

    0.65 > 0.5 Firerate

    Cosmetic: The Scout now dual-wields pistols.



    3 0.50 14 6
    5 Helmet +1 Range

    +1 Damage

    Cosmetic: Gives a helmet to the Scout.



    4 0.50 15 8

    Lvl Upgrade Effects Cost Dmg Spd Rng DPS
    0 Soldier
    $375 1 x 3 0.20 8 1.88
    1 Laser Sight +1 Range

    Cosmetic: Adds a laser sight to the Soldier's rifle.



    1 x 3 0.20 9 1.88
    2 Radio +2 R…

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  • Academyjr64

    Efficiency Value: A number determining how efficient a unit is based on its final cost and statistics. Higher numbered units are more economic. Note that this value does not take into account extra effects such as splash damage.

    The EV formula is DPS ÷ (C/100) * Rn * 15

    • DPS is Damage per Second.
    • C is the Total Cost.
    • RN is Range.

    Attack Value: A number determining the efficacy of a unit based on their attack power and efficiency. Higher numbered units are meant for higher waves. This value will not be used because it's not that good.

    Attack Power: A number determining how much damage a unit can dish out to an enemy moving in a straight line provided they shoot ASAP... before losing sight of it.

    The ATP formula is DPS * Rn

    Units with high Efficiency and …

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  • Inkoursor

    The purpose of this blog is to brainstorm ideas for towers to make them more interesting instead of being flat damage numbers as most of them are as of the moment, with the only exceptions to this being John and The Commander. Each unit section on each unit will propose a different ability or change to make them seem more appealing compared to other towers. Not every tower will be given an ability, as some may have a pre-existing kit I deem fair at the time. As of writing on 8/9/2019 (USA dating) I have plans to include a fancier layout with pictures and possibly any other misc. graphic to depict the idea, but am only able to provide text at the moment.

    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…

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  • TypeLuo

    Duh. Noone else noticed that?

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  • DaringWonton


    August 6, 2019 by DaringWonton

    What's your current loadout? Here's mine:

    • Pyromancer — slows everything down
      • 11 DPS (w/ burn), 13 Range
    • Crook Boss — spawned crooks = OP
      • 47 DPS (w/o minions), 14 Range
      • Each crook minion has 50 DPS, 15 Range when maxxed
    • Freezer — spam the ability with the "exploit"
      • 11 DPS, 14 Range
    • Rocketer — high DPS and splash
      • 70 DPS (w/o splash), 23 Range
    • Turret — straight up firepower
      • 125 DPS, 20 Range (wooot)
    • Main substitutes — Military Base and Commander

    oof can't delete this blog so might as well make some use outta it

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  • Hope to find some diamonds tonight, night, night



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  • Tommyt77

    Congratulations everyone! This Wiki just hit 100 pages.


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  • THDemo

    The Admins should lock all the pages that have finished tags on them. People shouldn't be allowed to simply delete people's efforts because they find it funny.

    Another option we could use is only allow people in a white-list to edit and create pages, this would allow edits to pages to be made without worrying about the fact that someone would vandalise the page. 

    Another thing we must do to make this wiki better is to be more organised. We need a default template for tower and map pages first of all.

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  • REAL LunarWhiteX1

    You need:


    Player 1 with freezers and soldiers/John (for early game)(minigunners, Johns are all optional)

    Player 2 with minigunner

    So how you do it is... Player 2 does this: until I say so to stop (save up for mini,spawn mini, upgrade to hidden dec, repeat)

    Player 1 spawns a soldier(or John) near the back (where there is "U" turn before going to the exit tunnel)                                     

    Player 1 upgrade soldier to lvl1(if John, spawn soldier)

    Player 1 spawn soldier2

    Player 1 upgrade Soldier2 to lvl1

    Player 1 upgrade 1 soldier to hidden dec

    Player 1 spawn John

    Player 1 save up for mini

    1. Player 1 spawn mini and upgrade to hidden dec

    Player 1 spawn freezer and keep on upgrading until lvl 3

    Repeat 1. 3 times

    Player 1 spawn 2 freezer an…

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  • Frankie29

    Level 69

    July 21, 2019 by Frankie29

    Level 69 T-pose on top of statue dominates all

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  • Daawesomej

    As of this post I have 1.5k ($1,592) I want to buy an unit with this, but I don’t know which one. Which is the best one to buy under my amount?

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  • Jonbobro

    Ok so I've been playing this game for about 2 weeks now and I come here a lot to look up stats on towers when I forget and I've noticed one major and sad trend on this wiki, there is no real order or plan.

    And ya I bet y'all were expecting some huge master plan but this is a team effort, not a solo mission. What are some suggestions for making this place easier for newcomers and easier to navigate?

    1. 1 thing is some active admins and a group of overseers on the pages, a page to list all of the game's updates, and unified formats for map/tower pages. 
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